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Mercy Regional College aims to support each student as they strive for personal excellence and achievement. Through the delivery of our curriculum we encourage our students to seek knowledge, nurture curiosity and develop a love of learning.

Mercy Regional College operates a ten day timetable, with 6 x 50 minutes periods per day. Often these periods are taught as doubles to enable greater application time for practical based subjects.

The curriculum at Year 7 and 8, delivered at the O'Keeffe Campus, is a uniform, yet broad based program that enables students to experience a variety of subjects to make informed decisions for their future learning pathways.

The Middle School, or Year 9 and 10 program, is the beginning for our students to individualise their learning pathways. All students at this level choose a balance in their program, by choosing elective based programs whilst studying core subjects. The students at Year 9 partake in a personal development and integrated project day, to enable students to establish key links between knowledge based learning and skill development. The students at Year 10, are given the opportunity to accelerate their learning by choosing to study a VET or VCE subject as part of their elective program.

The Senior School offers both VCE and VCAL learning programs. At Year 11, several of our students participate in studying one Unit 3/4 VCE sequence, to develop their confidence and skill level as they approach their final school year. The learning pathways continue to offer a breadth of VCE study sequences, with the school also delivering VET certificates. The Senior School supports our students to make choices for their future and encourages all students to maximise their potential.


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2017 Senior School Handbook

"Mercy Regional College is committed to holistic education; we are determined to ensure that each student flourishes academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically."

Dr.Darren Egberts - Principal

McAuley Senior Campus
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O'Keeffe Junior Campus
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